Let’s Kill Tigers


Tigers kill people.

People live in fear for their lives and for the lives of their children where tigers roam. For decades we have been attempting to protect tigers. But if I am to feed my children I must push into the land of the tigers and take an acre of ground that my children may eat. Only one acre out of such a vast amount of land! But because of relentless human population growth many poor people, not just one, are forced to take from tiger areas what they can. And people get killed. Too, the enormous commercial  value of these tigers for their bones and meat and hide and indeed for their very whiskers – would, for poor people, give them the wealth of kings. Tempting indeed.

Tigers kill children. Small pox kills children. One of the triumphs of the WHO is that they have eliminated small pox. Polio, another scourge of society, is also close to being eradicated. By killing all tigers we will remove another danger to humans.

Alternatively, as a world people, we could make proper provision for tigers so they are not competing with people for living space. The half-way solutions that exist at the moment neither accommodate the needs of people nor the needs of these big cats. A shooting policy would have an honesty about it. What exists at the moment allows the numbers of tigers to melt downwards allowing us to say, when they finally become extinct – ‘well, we did our best’. We will know it to be a lie.


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