Conservation is not sympathy

It is an illusion to think that the protection of nature is the responsibility of great global organisations working on our behalf.

Protection starts with small decisions made by each of us: decisions when taken together become telling.

It starts not with education or academic qualifications but in our awareness of the magnificence of what is to be found around us.

Day following day nature demonstrates her value to us in her beauty and mystery and in her endless varieties of life. She presents herself in the silence of fog on Spring mornings; in the choirs of great rivers; in the symmetry of sunflowers; in the dance of trees at storm-time.

By such wonderful gestures she is infinitely more effective than any words of mine could ever offer on her behalf.

But one thing that is not in her gift – she cannot prevent what we do.That is for us. And that starts by seeing her as the friend who gave life to all of us. We need to welcome her as we would a favourite aunt and allow her to be part of all our discussions.

The next time we go walking in the countryside we might tip our hats to her and not pass her by unseen.

In such simple things we will discover our steps back to our place in the comfort of it all.



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