Earthday and the Major Religions.

We can no longer leave the protection of nature merely in the hands of government agencies and the good work of NGO’s. We are losing species. The responsibility to protect habitats and the material that depends on such places must be the responsibility of all of us.

Fine – and how do we get motivated to even start thinking along those lines?

The great religions of the world could be a wonderful force for good in this. What if they agreed that one day in the year would be a Religious-Nature day? What if on that day, in cathedrals and mosques and synagogues and temples our religious leaders were to talk to their flocks on the connections between the dominant religious movements and the world of nature? What if they talked of the need to protect the great roar of creation? Millions of followers would hear their words. An annual day like this, where focus is brought to bear on the responsibility of all of us to be part of nature conservation, would be a great thing. Encouraging words on how we might conduct our lives in ways that do not damage the habitat of any species would be a great thing. 

Such a simple thing to do. But it would takes good religious men and women to discuss this widely and to press the church elders to embrace the idea. We need religious people who have an affection for nature to now speak out on this.  




5 responses to “Earthday and the Major Religions.

  1. It is a perfect and wonderful post. Loved your idea to integrate the religion and nature day celeberation. I completely agree that in most of the religion, there is strictness to observe and maintain clean environment and surrounding. So, as my religion directs us to do so. Thank you for your post.

    • patrickmccusker

      Many thanks for your kind comments.
      Two hours ago I was talking to a gentleman who teaches conservation in a religious community to discuss how this idea might be taken further. He was most enthusiastic to the idea and will talk to others in the community.If the idea can gather traction and it spins off into other religious areas it could become a world event for nature. If you can help in any way in that regard that would be good indeed.

      Thank you again for your kindness.


    • patrickmccusker

      Dear CBCETALK I have just noted that you are likely located in Pakistan. That is wonderful.

      It would be great if this idea for nature conservation would indeed be embraced by the major religions of the world – and that they would set aside one day in the year as a nature conservation day. It would mean that religious leaders would, on that day, speak to millions of their followers of the place of Nature in all our lives.

      If you can discuss this idea widely in Pakistan it may well grow into an idea of broad interest among religious leaders in your country. That in turn might trigger a regional interest in the idea. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all involved in bringing about such a ground-breaking change in nature conservation? It is something we could say, with pride,in years to come – we were part of that!

      The blog presentation on this idea, by the nature of blogs, is brief. If you can get your hands on the book – Planet Dancing – this idea of religious involvement in conservation is laid out in much greater detail.

      Best Wishes.


      • Dear Patrick,

        It is so wonderful to see your great interest in this Idea. Yes CBC ETALK that is the acronym for Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) at Shah Abdul Latif University Pakistan. E-Talk is the E Newsletter issued by the center.
        Infact, we have different activities being carried out in regular basis to emphasis on natural conservation. Because it has been taught to us by Allah Paak, through the Holy Quran. I look forward to you for exchange such good ideas and their implementation policies to convert those ideas into reality. I would love to read Planet Dancing.

        You can access our center’s website:

        Best Regards,

        CBC E-TALK

      • patrickmccusker

        Now I know a little about you – The Shah Abdul Latif University. Thank you.
        The pictures of the plants in your botanic gardens look weird and wonderful. Nice to see the children learning about nature in your school education programme.



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