Greek Orthodox Church and Nature Conservation


I note that several Greek people have being reading my blog on nature conservation. I thank all of you for that.

One matter that I am passionate about is that the great religions in the world would become more closely involved in speaking to their followers about the need to conserve species. In particular I would like that religions would set aside one day of the year where church leaders would speak to their flocks of the need to conserve the biodiversity of the planet.

It would be wonderful if Greek people would speak to their church leaders and persuade them that this is a  wholesome idea and that once a year the Greek Orthodox Churches would set aside one day as special to nature conservation. Approaching conservation matters in this new way would be of enormous benefit in bringing to millions a new awareness of nature and what is needed if species are to survive.

I am hopeful that some Greek people will see this to be both a simple and a good idea for conservation – and that they might take it into their thinking and approach their religious leaders to persuade them towards this idea.

Other churches might also wish to embrace this idea too.




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