Eucharistic congress and nature conservation.

On occasion the Catholic church speaks of the importance of conserving species. Indeed the present pope has written a book on the ten commandments of nature conservation. The church therefore, during the deliberations at this congress, might wish to pronounce on an idea that would be of enormous help in conserving nature – and would cost nothing to do.  

simply put – that the Congress would agree to set aside one day of the year in which all the priests of the Church would speak from their altars of the need to conserve the species that share this planet with us. If they were to do this, and do it with passion, speaking to millions of their followers from around the world – they would be doing a wonderful thing in making millions aware of the needs of nature.

If this were to be agreed upon at this Congress what a wonderful thing it would be at the closing ceremony to know that among other elements of church discussions that this too would be taken from these shores and carried around the world as a worthwhile thing to now engage in for the conservation of species.

We need the help of the church to assist in the conservation of species. Those at congress might wish to discuss this among themselves and perhaps reach a consensus that yes indeed they can be of enormous help in this regard.

I wish your Congress well.




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