War can accelerate from small beginnings. A country can allow its indignation to build over a small matter until it reaches a pitch until war is seen as an inevitable outcome. And young men, and young women, are once more sent forward to kill each other. 

There is now a dispute growing between China and Japan over the ownership of a number of small islands. It would be a good thing if the concerns on both sides were to be put to rest.

Nature needs places of safety and refuge. It might be proposed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and others, that these islands and the sea around them be proclaimed a national park and conservation area and placed under the ‘ownership’ of the United Nations for 50-100 years or until such time when an amicable solution to the dispute can be agreed upon. No young men, or young women, need to go to war against each other.

Nature would also benefit.

But the time is urgent. I ask that this proposal be discussed as a priority at the UN. It is a practical way to alleviate the concerns on both sides of the dispute. UN please take this into your discussions.




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