Thriller Writing – no 8 – PERSEVERANCE


I offer this as encouragement to those writers who feel they are not having success no matter how hard they try. Perseverance is key. You MUST keep at it. No one says that writing is easy. I am skeptical of claims that ‘I just wrote the first two chapters and sent it off and two weeks I had a contract from a major publisher’.

Writing might be compared to getting a sexually transmitted disease. If you persevere – in the end you will succeed! So I’m back to that word again – PERSEVERANCE. Set a target: 1000 words a day? All right, so that’s too much. So how about 1000 words a week? Choose which it is to be and see that  you do it – and no excuses.

You might get encouragement if you view a youtube by me on this. Patrick McCusker youtube.  Hope it helps.

(If you find any of my comments on ‘writing’ helpful, I’d love to hear from you.)




One response to “Thriller Writing – no 8 – PERSEVERANCE

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I’m currently in that place where perseverance seems a whole lot like hard work! I’ve read so many guides on how to get writing that it’s got to the stage I prefer reading them to, you know, actually writing!

    But anyway, you are right, it can be done. I set myself the 1,000 words a day aim and I did it, for fifty days and yes, you guessed it, I finished my YA novel. Now the problem is I’m having trouble with that damn perseverance word again, as I edit and try to resist the urge to just bang it off to the publishers to reject out of hand or just put in on the kindle store and say I’ve ‘published’ a book!

    So back to your advice, you are 100% right, set a target and stick to it! You will be rewarded!

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