Patrick McCusker

For too many years to remember I have been a biologist working in the field of Environmental Interpretation both in parks in Canada and in the National Parks Service in Ireland.

Over those years I have come to one critical conclusion – most of us are engaged in deception. We deceive ourselves that we are concerned for the protection of nature. We are not.


One response to “Patrick McCusker

  1. I appreciate your approach to nature in Planet Dancing. Great book!

    I have one strong reservation. You mention that: “The only organisation we have that is of sufficient size and carries enough authority to confront poverty at a world level is the United Nations”.

    I have strong reservations that this organisation, which I have worked with and close to for over 30 years, can be relied upon to DO anything. It can gather data; create reports and inform. But, when it comes to doing – forget it!

    For example, in the 1970s “social forestry” was coming into vogue while “industrial forestry” was going out of the politically correct vocabulary of the aid agencies. Rather than creating a balanced approach between industrial and social forestry development, the UN and other aid organisations went overboard in favour of social forestry and placed little emphasis on the development of commercial tropical hardwood plantations. As a result, the world is facing a future deficit of tropical hardwoods; this will put even greater pressures on natural resources!

    Sorry, I cannot see the UN solving the environmental problem.


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