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Thriller Writing – no 8 – PERSEVERANCE


I offer this as encouragement to those writers who feel they are not having success no matter how hard they try. Perseverance is key. You MUST keep at it. No one says that writing is easy. I am skeptical of claims that ‘I just wrote the first two chapters and sent it off and two weeks I had a contract from a major publisher’.

Writing might be compared to getting a sexually transmitted disease. If you persevere – in the end you will succeed! So I’m back to that word again – PERSEVERANCE. Set a target: 1000 words a day? All right, so that’s too much. So how about 1000 words a week? Choose which it is to be and see that  you do it – and no excuses.

You might get encouragement if you view a youtube by me on this. Patrick McCusker youtube.  Hope it helps.

(If you find any of my comments on ‘writing’ helpful, I’d love to hear from you.)




Novel Writing- encouragement that may help!

Marathon runners commonly hit ‘The Wall’ at around mile 20. For writers of novels it’s different. Many writers hit the ‘Writing Wall’ around page 80. Why this should be so is a puzzle. There must be hundreds of thousands of 80-page potential novels thrown into drawers by despairing writers.

If you are one of those – how about opening the drawer and hauling out your creation? With the passing of time you may hit on a new slant that will carry you forward into completing what you started. At least I hope it will.

Regards – Patrick.